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For those of you who always struggle with your passwords, Last Pass is going to be your best friend. Last Pass is a secure password manager that stores all the usernames and passwords in one single safe place, known as a vault.

Think of a vault as a central hub for data storage. Once you save a password into the vault, Last Pass remembers it for you. Whenever you wish to log in to the website, Last Pass enters your username and password for you!

Along with remembering your user name and passwords, it does plenty of other things such as: creating new passwords. Showing password strength, storing pin codes and membership IDs enable you to share passwords with others and fills out addresses and credit card forms. All in all, the last pass will help you manage your day to day tasks with ease along with improving your online security.

Convenience, the safety of time, and strong security are some of the top benefits of using Last Pass. The usage is fairly simple. You are required to create an account, install it, and then start saving your passwords, sites, notes, and form fills right away.

AutoPilot for all the Passwords – Key Benefits

The key benefits of using the last pass include but are not limited to:

Log In and Go

The sign up is super simple. Once you have created an account and successfully logged in, you will be able to access all your passwords in one single place.

Simplified Online Shopping

The experience of online shopping will be much simpler and more convenient. Whenever you are ready to make a purchase, the last pass will fill out all the details for you.

Strong Password Generation

Last Pass has an inbuilt password generator that creates long, random passwords to protect you against hacking attempts.

Store Digital Records

You can keep all your notes (Insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords) safe with Last Pass and they are super easy to find as well.

Effortless Sharing

There is certain information that shouldn’t be shared via text. Last Pass allows you to seamlessly share the password with anyone you would want to.

Dark Web Monitoring

You should stop worrying about data breaches as you will always get alerts whenever your data is at risk.

Multiple Plans and Usage Options

Last Pass offers multiple payment plays and usage options. It is ideal for both personal and business use.

Personal Use

You can upgrade access to Last Pass across all the devices including dark web monitoring, personalized security dashboard, score, and emergency access.

When it comes to plans, you have three options for families and single users: free, premium ($3), and families ($4).


The business version allows your employees to connect to their work, lives, and families while maintaining security from anywhere around the world.

You will have two options when it comes to business plans: Teams ($4) and Business ($6).

That’s it for all the details of the last pass. Whether you plan to use it for your personal or business usage, it will surely make your life easy. We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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